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Welcome to the 2024 Marching
Yellow Jacket Band Audition Results  

Wayne County High School Marching Band Leadership


As we get set to announce leadership for the 2024 Marching Band season, I would like to remind you all of a few things.


I have read all of the leadership applications and while I rely on these to make a decision, I also want to remind everyone that your behavior, actions, attendance, dedication, and attitude throughout the school year also weigh into my decision.


When the leaders are announced, there will be some students who are heartbroken, mad, or sad.  That is understandable.  It happens every year.  I pick students who I feel will be the best fit in that position and sometimes it is not who you think.  You have to trust my 20+ years of experience doing this.  I choose every leader with the same question, “What is best for the band?”.


I want to remind you that sometimes we don’t always get what we want or what we think we deserve.  For example, I was the assistant band director at Perry High School when the head job came open early in my teaching career.  I applied and thought that I would get it but I was not chosen.  Instead of showing out and moving to another school, I continued to work hard and refine my skills.  Eventually, the job came open again and I got the head job.  What if I had washed my hands of being a “head director” and quit the profession just because I was mad?


Sometimes the hardest lessons in life are figuring out how to deal with the situations that we are dealt.  It’s ok to be mad or upset, but you have to get over it and contribute to the band the best that you can.  If you applied for leadership and you don’t get the position you want and quit, you are simply validating my decision of not picking you for that position.


Just a simple reminder of an important life lesson.

Andy Hursey                                        Christy Hursey

Director of Bands                               Assistant Director of Bands

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